The Electric Car - This Is The Future

the concept of the electric car is being from a long time in this 21st century but what's the main objective to make this car rather than the natural fule hunting vehicle this is going to we are going to discuss in this blog.

the giant brand of an electric car is the tesla, in my opinion, the brand tesla is coming up with a very new feature in the electric car because the power consumption is the main thing if you have to give features like this because more features means more power consumption that's why the gasoline car cat give the features like this because if the bring the features like this then the car looks like the power generator rather than a car

tesla introducing the new techniques to make the battery life greater than ever that's why they found the 1000Km/charger Tesla roadster in the market. how they achieve this and what technique they use to save battery life in many cases like breaking and accelerating, this is going to be unveiled in this blog and also I'm going to tell you the basic design of the electric car

The Main Concept of Electric Car

the below diagram will tell you the whole story of the electric car because this will explain the advantages and the danger part of this because storing a large amount of energy in the very low space is like a keeping a boom with you if the cells get a discharge at one instant that can be a very bad.

I'm going to discuss a lot in the upcoming blog because electricity is the future, for more upcoming blogs be subscribed, see you in the next one.

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