This Story Behind SSD Will Haunt You Forever!

we took a long journey to solve the issue with saving the digital data in any reliable format that we can use with some benefit like the speed to read and write and much more variable and points are available to compare, but this all matters or not this is going to be a big question to take a serious note

spoiler alert: SSD is Always batter in speed with compare to HDD, not even close !!!
yes definitely the SSD's nowadays comes with very high read and write speed with compare to HDD, and HDD is not even close to the SSD in reading/writing speed that's why its always good to buy the SSD but if you are in a budget, so why you need the high-speed SSD to store to data

first thing that we are not using the SSD to store any data. we are using the SSD to store the data that need to the pc or laptop frequently like the file is in the os and also the installed programs also and the rest of the stuff like the media and also the etc stuff will be loaded on the HDD

we making the combo of SSD and HDD to get what we want

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