How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban In India (Safe and no Account ban)

How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban In India

Follow the Step

The following procedure is for them who planing to play the newer version which is 1.1.0,  and the previous version called 1.0.1, I tried the 1.1.0 but still, the ping goes too high after following the procedure in the newer version but I tried the 1.0.1 the ping is about 25ms average which is very good.

NOTE -  1: don't log with your regular account if you're facing a ping issue, first create a new account and check your ping, check that your able to play with effough speed because I'm facing 100-200ms ping on Railwire broadband with using App by Cloudflare without that app I was not able to even login properly. first check that you're getting effough speed, if not then download the App by Cloudflare from Play-store

NOTE -  2: if you follow the below procedure and facing the ping issue then don't even think to login with a regular account. because if you log in with the regular one then you can't log in to the same account into the previous version of PUBG Mobile, on the login screen you will see the notification (pop up)

You previously login into a newer version of PUBG mobile with this account, you can not log in to the older version.
Step 1 = uninstall the previous version because it was giving problem and not connecting to the server properly

Step 2 = Download this file for PUBG Mobile 1.1.0 and Download this file for PUBG Mobile 1.0.1 and do the fresh installation and allow the file and storage permission. if game loading takes too much longer then install App by Cloudflare from Play-store and enable it and restart the game.

Step 3 = at the time of login, I'm facing a problem when I'm doing the login through the Facebook and I tried 3-4 time and restarted several times and its work fine then and I was able to log in.

Step 4 = after login the game will download its file automatically and after that, you will see the screen like the thumbnail.

do the Tapa Tap Always. thanks

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