Bought the new guitar, then you can be professional within 2 months without spending money !!!

first, we will talk about how you can buy the perfect guitar for your workflow.
if you're using the guitar for learning and there is no expectation to record the instrument you can buy the acoustic guitar. but if you have planing to record the guitar after learning the guitar then it's easier with electroacoustic. if you confuse and have a budget to spend. then I will suggest you go with the electroacoustic. because you will have the same feel as the acoustic and when you plan to record you will have an option to use build-in peak-up. if you don't know what a pick-up is then I like to know you that pick-up is an electronic device that used in the guitar to pick-up the sound of the guitar with an inbuilt mic which is specially tuned for guitar sound.
now we will talk about how you can learn the guitar from different sources. the list of sources given below.


this is a very useful app to do practice on any guitar or bass guitar or electric or ukulele, ohh the list is huge, and the best thing that you will get your own list of practice material according to which instrument you have. Yes, this comes with a price, but this app will give you 10-20 min every day to use this app for free. if your free lessons are over then you have to pay to unlock the next lessons or you can wait for the next day to get the free lessons.
now you will say this will increase my time to achieve the target to sound like a professional, yes I know but you can use my technics to speed up the process. you can use youtube to generate more practice material according to the syllabus made by the Yousician, you have to search for the topic name shown in the Yousician app when your free lessons are over. I'm doing this for 2 weeks and able to play the entire song of Perfect by Ed Sheeran. you just have to be consistent for the whole 2 months and you will get a very good result I'm 100% sure 

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