In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

In order to do a good Photography. you need to stand steady and using some tools inside your phone.

you can capture better photos without having knowledge of photography.

just like this, you just need to follow the steps and you will be a good photographer.

1. Using HDR mode

In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone PhotographyThe full form of the HDR mode is (High Dynamic Range). When you need to capture a photo in ultra low and high light in at the same time then this mode is very useful.

using this more you can capture more light and mode darkness in one photo.

now in these days, many phones are coming with HDR mode inbuilt.

in order to know how it is working so will its explain it.

when HDR mode is on. you can see that it is taking some amount of extra time to take pictures.

because it is taking more than 1 Photo. one is in low light. one is in High Contrast.

and combining that pictures into one. we will get the most beautiful picture that we want.

the negative point of this HDR mode is that you cannot capture a good photo using HDR mode when you are an object is  not stable like a bike or car or someone walking around  

so using this  technique you can Be a good photographer

2. Shutter Speed

In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone PhotographyYou don’t have to know your f/stops from your ISO settings for this one.

All you need to know is that if you move your smartphone while shooting, you’re going to get a blurry image.

Why not try capturing an abstract image like the above, where the camera was quickly moved from left to right as the photo was taken.

3. Shoot black and white

In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography
Photo by Bulkan Evcimen

If you want to capture mono images, shoot with a mono filter applied rather than capturing a color image and converting it.

Viewing a scene or subject in black and white enables you to see if a particular shot or composition will work, as you’ll be able to see contrast, shapes, and textures without being distracted by color.

4. Use window light

In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone PhotographyWindow light has a fantastic quality. It’s a big, bright and diffused light source, which makes it perfect for a variety of subjects, especially portraiture.

The soft shadows created by window light produce flattering results, with the highlights and shadows following the contours of the subject’s facial features.

Position your subject with the window to one side of them for the best results.

5. Sunrise and sunset

In 5 Step How To Improve Your Smartphone PhotographyThe best times of day for photography lighting-wise are the ‘golden hours’ around sunrise and sunset.

At these times the sun is lower in the sky, and so it’s light is softer compared with harsh midday sun, and, due to the extra distance the sunlight has to travel through the atmosphere, longer-wavelength colors such as yellow, orange and red are more prominent.

Sunrise scenes are also more likely to feature mist or fog, which adds drama and mystery to landscapes.

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  1. The photo used for the black and white example is mine and wasn’t taken using a smartphone.

    I took it using a Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF 16mm lens.

    The converted it to black and white later.


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