Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi
Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi

This post will show you Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi

This has “Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi” and also in English. the Mother is one of the most beautiful relations in the world and the moment when we saw our mother after the long time ago, that moment is priceless. The connection between child and the mother is unexplainable. Mother always know what is the need of the child. They are ready to protect their child and them don’t expect anything from their child but always ready give them the hand of love. And that things create the energy to make this day so beautiful.

This Sunday, 13 May all word celebrate the mothers day. All people giving the wishes to there mom’s. This event creates the love in the air and peace in our heart. We can hear the all thing in our mind with our mom and also tell them how much we love them. give them love via some beautiful lines like below.

The Beautiful Lines For Mom In Hindi

मेरा दिल भी तुम
मेरी धडकन भी तुम

मेरा रास्ता भी तुम
मेरी मंजिल भी तुम

मेरा सागर भी तुम
मेरी दरिया भी तुम

मेरा साहिल भी तुम
मेरी कष्टी भी तुम

मेरा आगाज भी तुम
मेरी समाप्ती भी तुम

मेरा नाम भी तुम
मेरी पहचान भी तुम

मेरा आसमान भी तुम
मेरी धरती भी तुम

मेरा जहान भी तुम
मेरी जान भी तुम

Love You MoM

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Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi
Happy Mother’s Day Quotes In Hindi
mothers day
mothers day

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