Battery Charging Process Explain

In our day to day life we saw many types of batteries but in this post, we are going to show you how the battery charging process of battery works

Types Of Batteries

  1. Automotive battery
  2. Inverter battery:- 10 to 14 hours required for charging for two to four wheelers
  3. Industrial battery
  4. Solar battery
  5. Submarine battery
  6. Home UPS system

Battery Charging:- Battery charger a recharge your is the device used and input energy to the secondary cell or rechargeable battery by focusing an electric current through it

The charging protocol how much voltage or current for how long and what to do when charging is complete depends on size and type of battery being charged some batteries types have the high tolerance for overcharging and can be recharged by connecting to a constant voltage source or constant current source depending on battery type.

Process Of Charging:- Only charging controller where crude generally more than more than voltage actuated on. Modern charge controllers have substantially improved the battery charging longevity.

The charging for folded 4 step bulk absorption float and equalization during the bulk face while generally feels the sales to around 85% of its capability the charger controller to the inverter. As the current is observed by the plates in Cells. the Cells voltage steadily increased when the voltage reaches the bulk voltage set. Typically about 2.45 for sale into the absorption storage

Types Of Charging Methods:- Charging constant – a constant voltage charger is basically a DC power supply which in its simplest form make consists of step down Transformer from the mains with rectifier to provide the DC voltage to charge the battery such simplest design are often Found in cheap car battery chargers the lead acid battery used for cars and backup power system typically use constant voltage

Constant Current – constant current charges very the voltage they apply to the battery to maintain a constant current flow switching off when the voltage reaches the level of a full charge the design usually used for Nickel calcium and Nickel metal high-grade cell or batteries.

Taper Charger – this is a charging from crude and regulated constant voltage source It’s not a controlled charge or in V taper about. The current demister as the cell voltage builder up there is a serious chance of damaging the sale through or charging.

Some Charging circuit for you mobile is given below.

voltage regulator 5 V

Connect Output point to your mobile supply, it will charge your mobile like your charger

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