Power Transformers
Power Transformers

Introduction to Transformer

Transformer symbol
Transformer symbol

The Transformer is the widely used device in electric technology which allows transforming the voltage level as need.

it can be lower and higher than the input voltage.


The Transformer is a static electric machine which converts high voltage into the low voltage or low voltage into high voltage without changing frequency in various Power ratings.

Types of Transformers

  1. Step Up And Step Down Transformers
  2. Auto Transformer
  3. Polyphase Transformers
  4. Power Transformers
  5. Instrument Transformers
  6. RF/IF Transformers
  7. Audio Frequency Transformers
  8. Pulse Transformers

There are only two main things which we can do with the transformer

  1. To Step up the voltage
  2. To Step down the voltage

Step up Transformers

Step up Transformers Symbol
Step up Transformers Symbol

in such a condition where the output voltage is more than the input voltage.there is Step-up Transformers are used.

It is mainly used in electricity transmission line to reduce transmission current.

Step down Transformers

Step Down Transformers Symbol
Step Down Transformers Symbol

in such a condition where the output voltage is less than the input voltage.there is Step-down Transformers are used.

Ex., it is mainly used in household applications like electronic circuits where circuits are run at low voltage.

Transformers step down voltage in household applications from 220v to required voltage like 5,6,9,12,18,24,48 volts

Auto Transformer


Auto Transformer Symbol
Auto Transformer Symbol

Auto Transformer is used to buck and boost the voltage.

it has the primary winding connected in series with the secondary winding.

Auto Transformer
Auto Transformer

Polyphase Transformers

Polyphase Transformers works on more than 3 phase.

Ex. 4 phase Transformers, 6 phase Transformers, 8 phase Transformers. etc.

Power Transformers

Power Transformers
Power Transformers

this is Transformers which has high power rating is called as the power transformer.

Ex. 400 MVA, 220 MVA, 1000KVA, etc.

The Principal of Transformer

transformer mainly works on mutual induction on the law stated by a well-known scientist Michael Faraday.

When the power supply is given to primary coil of the transformer magnetic field produces around the primary coil.

Flux produced by magnetic field cuts by secondary coil and then EMF(Electro Motive Force) produces in the secondary coil.

EMF produced in the secondary coil depends upon the number of turns.

Flux produced in the primary coil flows through iron core. The power rating of transformer depends upon the cross-sectional area of the iron core.

Note:- input frequency of power supply and output frequency in the transformer are equal this is the main advantage of the transformer.

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