You don't need WhatsApp status downloader if you have Redmi Phone

I bought my Redmi Note 8 Wayback in November 2019. The phone is running on MIUI 12 at this date, But I didn't know about this feature for too long. you will get surprised when I told you that if you're using the WhatsApp status download the app to download, then you don't need to download a separate app for that task you can get this feature in your built-in file manager app. To know more about this you can follow the below Screenshots.

You can see this in this screenshot. You can see the WhatsApp logo on the app. When you click on the WhatsApp logo.

You can see this type of screen where your all WhatsApp status will be listed here. You can simply click the download icon below every status. By doing this step you did the successful download of the status

Thank you.

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